Monday, March 31, 2008

Still Snowshoeing

Went snowshoeing yesterday for the first time in months. JewishMother, Meg, Dr.Z and I went up Mount Van Hoevenberg, which was about 2.5 miles each way. The weather was great - forties and sunny, but the snow was heavy and clumpy, giving me an extra workout. (I had about two pounds of snow on each shoe most of the time.)

Friday's treadmill run was pretty damn awesome - started off at 7.0 and ended up having to crank it up to 7.2 on the second mile when I realized I had been easily chatting with Dr. Z the entire time. My cardio is really coming along nicely.

Tonight is Karate, although lately I'm really starting to wonder if this is the right school for me. Sensei sent an e-mail over the weekend forbidding us from sparring when he's not around AND has said that he's purposefully holding back promotions of people who seem overeager to get their next rank. (Supposedly it's a test of spirit.) I just really don't even want to go. Sigh.

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