Thursday, March 20, 2008

Still Snowing

First day of Spring and we have snow. Sigh. Ironic that the Speedskating Oval's been closed for the season. If they had waited out the rain yesterday they could have been open at least another week, looking at the forecast.

Karate was pretty good last night. We got to work on bo, which is alway fun. I love weapons. Gets me thinking I need to get out my sai again - I haven't so much as held them in months. The test never happened - Sensei simply forgot. (He's a bit scatterbrained like that.) I guess having five more days to prepare isn't necessarily a bad thing.

FakeDaughter brought in the design she wants on her black belt. First of all, it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed she had received a FOURTH stripe at some point. (They're not exactly easy to see on brown belts and hers are all really close together.) Secondly, I've never heard of designing your own black belt. At Tae Kwon Do they were all the same - you just got to dictate how your name was printed (i.e. middle initials or not).

Anyway, today is running on the treadmill yet again and maybe some weight training down in the basement, although I'm still feeling Tuesday's weight workout.

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