Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Another Week Flies By

Spent pretty much all of last week trying to catch up at work after being gone for so long.

Not much new - the weather has been terrible so I've only run outside once the past week. Otherwise it's been TreadmillsVille, Population: PipTook. My running is progressing nicely though. Tonight is gym night, so we'll see how much I can do. I'm very well-rested after taking yesterday off (aside from Karate, of course).

Karate was pretty cool last night. FakeDaughter and I got kata training from Sensei, which I was really happy about. We went over PURPLE BELT kata though after I told him I needed work on my brown belt kata. Oh well. I also found out that I'm going to be taking my SECOND brown belt test tomorrow or Monday. For those keeping track, I just took the first brown belt test last week. Damn. In addition, Dr. Z told me that Sensei wants to promote me. (To what, we have no idea.)

I'm not complaining - after all, I haven't been tested or promoted since October, but - DAMN! It's all happening at once.

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