Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Time Flies

Didn't realize it had been almost a week since my last post. I went to Karate on Wednesday - we spent the entire class reviewing the bunkai to the first four or so moves to Nahanchi Shodan. And that includes the set. Talk about mind-numbing.

Thursday and Friday were speed-skating, which went really well. I did my usual "2 pace laps one rest lap" for an hour. Friday also included a kata review at the dojo with Dr. Z.

Saturday I spent time with my family, so that became my de facto rest day.

Sunday I went to the gym, where I amazed myself with my distinct lack of any cardio fitness right now. Dr. Z says to not worry about it - I'll get it back in time for the running season.

Yesterday was Karate, where we continued to work bunkai on Nahanchi Shodan. Once again, SNOOZE. The one item of interest is that Sensei plans on testing me when I get back from vacation. Don't know how many stripes I would be up for - we'll see.

I also went for a walk of my 5K route, figuring that because it was 50 and rainy the Oval would be closed. Silly me. There were speedskaters out there when I passed by at the end of my walk. Oh well.

Tonight is the gym. Hopefully my run will go a bit better than Sunday. Like Karate, I have to get serious about running when I get back. It WILL be March, after all.

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