Friday, January 04, 2008

New Year, New Me

...yeah right!

I always hope for that, but the truth is people don't really change, in general, including me.

The holidays were pretty good, all things considered. The Christmas Eve party rocked, as always. This year's featured drink was pomegranate martinis. As with last year, the Partridges kept refilling my glass. As with last year, I was the last non-twenty-year-old to leave.

Christmas I went down to MomTook's. We just hung out for a bit and then went to Geritol's sister's house for a huge ham dinner. Yum! I almost never get to have ham, so it was a real treat.

Took the rest of the week off work, which was nice. I thought it would drag by with nothing to do, but I ended up being surprisingly busy. I went up to Plattsburgh on Friday to do my Christmas shopping during the after-Christmas sales (Sweet) and picked up VeggieSis a set of dishes and a set of wine glasses. I also bought toys for PoopsALots I and II.

I went straight from there to MomTook's, and this time it was prime rib, twice-baked potatoes and yorkshire pudding. Okay, people? The ribs literally FELL OFF the meat it was so tender. Probably the most amazing meal I've ever had, and I'm including $40 filet mignions in that statement.

Saturday was the big get-together, we were all running late (I had a GAZILLION things I was trying to get done that morning), except CrazySis who, uncharacteristicall was an hour early instead of her usual hour late. We grazed on food all day, opened gifts, played Pictionary and watched the Pats game. It was an amazing time. I finally headed home at 10:30, and none too soon since I (sssshhhh...) nodded off at the wheel a couple times on the way back.

Oh, and my gift? MomTook pulled my name and bought me an amazing set of Cuisinart stainless steel knives with sharpener. It also includes a set of steak knives in a detachable mini-block. It's absolutely beautiful and the stainless steel with black block (instead of wood handles and block) is totally my style.

New Year's was really quiet. I patched things up with Dr. Z on New Year's Eve and we had makeup sex, so that's one way to ring in the New Year's. More on that later (not the sex, you pervs), but I've already written a book.

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