Monday, January 07, 2008

A GOOD Monday?

Well, it's a damn productive one so far, anyway. Friday was so good that I was already ahead on some of my Monday work. In addition, I took advantage of the Indian summer (46 degrees, but rainy) and went for a morning run. 5K in 28:10. A horrid time for summer, but okay for off-season, I guess. (She said grudgingly.) I would have broke the 28:00 mark if the sidewalks hadn't been so damn icy. (Also, I'm just realizing I haven't run since last Tuesday and that was on a treadmill, so I guess not bad after all.)

Called the village and it turns out that they do NOT do Christmas tree pickups, so I will have to Chainsaw Massacre my tree (currently sitting in the backyard) until it fits into my car and take it to the dump. Joy.

I also have to call ORDA and find out if the skating oval will be open. It *IS* refrigerated, but you never know.

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