Monday, January 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

This weekend was full of activity!

Friday night Dr. Z and I spent an hour reviewing kata at the dojo. I've lost my pop but I'll get there.

Saturday I went snowshoeing with JewishMom and two other women. We were original going to climb Algonquin, but one of the women wasn't in quite the physical condition she thought she was, so we turned around at the intersection of the Wright and Algonquin trails. It was less than a mile short, so we didn't mind turning around. Considering my soreness on Sunday, it's a good thing we did. It was still a 6.2 mile snowshoe.

Sunday morning I met Dr. Z at the gym. I kept it light since I hadn't run since my muscle pull two weeks ago. I did a light, leisurely three miles and called it a day.

Today should be warm enough to run. Of course, fitting that AND speedskating AND Karate should be challenging, to say the least.

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