Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve!

Well, it actually doesn't feel too Christmasy - I'm working today and since the fam isn't getting together until Saturday I haven't done a lot of shopping yet. At least today's the only day I'm working until the 2nd.

Went to the skating oval this morning (they have morning speedskate hours this week), but they were closed due to bad ice. (It was ridiculously warm yesterday - almost fifty - and then it dropped FAST overnight, ruining the ice.) Between that and no Karate due to the holiday, I'm going on the rare trip to the prison gym with Dr. Z in a couple hours.

As I mentioned, it was wonderfully warm yesterday, allowing some of the built-up snow to melt. It's cold and snowy today, which is appropriate for Christmas Eve.

Received a box of cookies from one of my college buddies. Last year was Lindt truffles, this year a tin of Mrs. Fields. She always outdoes herself.

At least there's The Patridges' most awesome Annual Christmas Eve Bash tonight. I'm really looking forward to it!

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