Monday, November 05, 2007

The Weekend

Went out to CrazySis's house with MomTook on Saturday. Her new house is gorgeous - a definite step up from her last place. She was happy about the "big girl bed" we brought for PoopsALot, who also loved it. Poor kid is already suffering from new baby syndrome - she thought it was for PoopsALot II.

Did a bunch of stuff around the house yesterday - laundry, vacuuming, mopping - that sort of thing. Went down to Station Street to watch the big Pats v. Colts game and found out that thanks to Sunday Ticket, I could watch the end of the Packers game. (Which was an awesome game.) I will now be heading there for my football needs as they will put on any game you ask for. Plus? They have GUINNESS ON TAP. Love.

I only saw the first half of the game as I had to go to JewishMom's dinner party. It was pretty fun, although all the other "single women" were middle-aged or older divorcees.

This week looks to be pretty busy - aside from being on-call for CrazySis, work has picked up, voting is tomorrow, and I have my post-op appointment on Friday.

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