Thursday, November 29, 2007

Catching Up

The blind date ended up being a bust. The guy himself was nice enough, if a bit rednecky, but he's jobless, in the middle of a legal battle to get his kids, and trying to move from Atlanta. In addition, he has this large lump on his head from shrapnel (which was conveniently airbrushed out of the picture he sent). Oh well.

Thanksgiving Day was nice - went up to CrazySis's. With all the depression I've been feeling I was extremely grateful to not have to spend the holiday alone. (Even if I felt a bit like a loser for tagging along.) It was a blast though. What a crazy household with a toddler, a newborn, two dogs and two cats!

Friday I ran around getting ready to host Thanksgiving II - spent over a hundred dollars at the grocery store, a new record for me. I also cleaned the house so that it would look decent.

Saturday got a late start as VeggieSis and BabySis didn't get up as early as expected, but was fun. MomTook hung the shade I bought for the bedroom, so I finally have some privacy. (All I have for curtains right now are sheers.) We also played Scrabble while waiting for the turkey to cook. I actually won, despite playing against someone with an English degree (VeggieSis)and a grammar Nazi (MomTook). Dinner itself was delicious, of course. Afterwords, we watched Christmas Vacation, as is the tradition. All in all, a lot quieter than last year's get-together, but still fun.

This week has been extremely boring. I still haven't gotten my brown belt, thanks to Sensei's printer going belly-up (meaning he can't print the certificate). Otherwise, it's just work as usual.

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