Friday, November 16, 2007

Already Getting Cabin Fever

The snow looks pretty, but with it now too cold to run and Sensei not being in class yesterday, I have cabin fever.

I did check out the local gym yesterday. Three months would cost just as must as getting a season pass to the speedskating oval so I think I'm going to do that instead. Unfortunately, it hasn't opened yet.

I'm going a bit nuts because in addition to not being able to run, Sensei was out yesterday and also doesn't teach the Friday class. With Dr. Z and I now on the outs that means way awkwardness if Sensei's not there, so I'm not attending. And then there's freaking Thanksgiving next week. Since people aren't coming over until Saturday because EVERYONE ELSE in the family EXCEPT ME has in-laws to go to on Thanksgiving Day that means two days off with no Karate or work so that I may more properly dwell on how pathetic and non-social I am. Thanks holidays. Not. God I enjoyed Thanksgiving as a single much more when I came up from Boston and everyone got together either ON Thanksgiving or Christmas depending on the year. Now we do neither.

On a more positive note, I did by some new "walking around town" boots yesterday. The first snow of the year reminded me that I have nothing between "sneakers" and "butt-ugly Sorells that make me walk like Frakenstein." The northern about-town boot comes in two styles - Uggs and the fur-trimmed ones with pom-poms. I bought khaki pom-pom ones. They're actually pretty cute. AND were only $60 because they were 40% off. Score!

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