Monday, October 29, 2007

PipTook's Back (All Right!)

...Sorry. Had to go for the Backstreet Boys joke.

Anyway, surgery went really well. Got to the hospital at 11:30 as they requested and was given a "room" (really a curtained off alcove large enough for a couple chairs and a bed). MomTook was endlessly amused by the fact they had put me in a children's room, completed with Pooh posters and toys.

The nurse was hysterically Ditzy Granola. She took my stats and hooked me up with an IV. It was a crazy busy day there, so I ended up waiting around for a looooong time. It was almost 1:00 before the doctor even came around. I ended up having someone I knew as my anastesiologist. (He's the father of one of the brown belts.) Chatted with him a bit and described my previous issues with general anastesia. He verified my weight and said that I might have been overmedicated.

I was finally given some Versed around 1:45 or so. Best. High. Ever. I believe my words were "They have GOT to put this in pill form!" I was quite amusing while on it. I was wheeled to the OR around 2:15. I said something to one of the surgical RNs about it being awkward knowing BrownBeltDad since my girly parts where going to be on display.

BrownBeltDad injected the sedative and next thing I know I was waking up in Recovery with just that extra-groggy feeling you get if you've napped too long. In fact, the nurse said that I was "bright-eyed and bushy-tailed" and that she didn't see too many smiles. I was just so relieved to not have any nausea or extreme muscle weakness like last time I had surgery.

Was wheeled back to my "room" before too long. MomTook said that both the doctor and BrownBeltDad talked to her. (Anastesiologists don't usually talk to the waiting person, it's true, but it was probably just because of my history with general and our concerns.) She also told me that while I was in recovery for about an hour, last time (when I had an awful time with the lingering anastesia) I was in recovery for FOUR FUCKING HOURS. Overdose, anyone? Especially since I was STILL weak and vomiting when I left FIVE HOURS AFTER SURGERY. My mother suspects they were just desperate to not have to keep me overnight.

Anyway, I got dressed after doing the "liquids in, liquids out" requirement for leaving after outpatient surgery and went to MomTook's house. I even felt well enough to eat some Chicken and Stars and bread for dinner.

I had no pain during the entire recovery. I did sleep a lot though. The only problems I had was some shaking on Friday morning (probably withdrawal from all the meds they gave me) and irritation from the catheter.

I came home on Saturday morning and by yesterday was actually getting antsy. I'm back at work today and the only way I can even tell I had surgery is my hilariously glued-shut navel that prevents me from standing up straight.

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