Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Only Tuesday

Gah...it's only Tuesday morning and I already feel like this week has been lasting FOREVER.

Got my new phone set up yesterday, but finally found out that I'll need a $30 kit to be able to transfer music to it. Blah. So much for a quick fix to the broken iPod problem.

Kermit the Kontractor came by yesterday to look at some weird creases in the surround of the new tub. He said it should be fine. I made it pretty clear I'd be calling him if it broke in a few months like the last one did. One of his guys installed the new rain-style shower head, so all that's left is the shower rod, which should be happening today.

Went to Karate last night. All I could do was watch, but I learned some good stuff I intend to put to use in sparring. I also helped out with teaching kata because IronDad was a bit overwhelmed with people to train. I got the expected "You just couldn't stay off the floor, could you?" remarks.

Well, that's it for now. Brown belt and surgery done. Tub supposedly done today. Only the Dr. Z thing left. And two more days of this month. Thank GOD.

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