Wednesday, October 24, 2007

On Edge

Man, my nerves are just SHOT. I cannot wait until this freakin' month is over. Well, on the list of "shit I have no control over," most of them will be done by tomorrow. My brown belt test is tonight (Item 1), surgery is tomorrow (Item 2), and the tub should also be finished today (Item 3). Item 4, the Dr. Z thing, won't be taken care of until we talk post-surgery. It's a shame the thing that's on my mind the most is the last item to get cleared up. I just keep telling myself that at least it's keeping my mind off of all the other shit. Like, I'm just now starting to get nervous about surgery. Usually I would have hit the ceiling about a week ago.

So, I'm on edge, but within a week it will ALL be done. Thank God. I can't maintain this level of stress any longer.

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