Sunday, October 21, 2007

Lowe's...My Favorite Store

Didn't do too much Friday night or Saturday morning due to fighting off this damn cold. (Which, not a cool thing to have FOUR DAYS BEFORE SURGERY.) I did go for a walk around the lake before it started raining though. When I got back, I called MomTook to see if she wanted to ride along to Lowes and Bed Bath & Beyond with me. Figured it was a good time to make the trip since it was crappy out anyway. She needed to get out of the house herself, having been abandoned by Geritol for hunting, so I picked her up and off we went.

First off was BB&B. I found a very nice shower curtain and liner for the bathroom since Kermit's going to replace the doors (which I didn't like anyway) with one of those bow-shaped curtain rods. It's a simple white fabric curtain like what they use in hotels. (Their "hotel brand" white curtain was fifty damn dollars, but they had a nearly identical one just a few curtains down that was only twenty, so I nabbed that one, of course.) I also found one of those rain shower heads. I figure since they had to remove the old one anyway they can just put up the new one instead. With all these additions, I'm going to want to shower there instead of in the master bathroom.

Then it was off to Lowes. I got some more knobs to replace two that were broken from Kermit the Kontractor's guys going a bit haywire with the drill. (Not that I mind replacing the cheap wooden knobs he used on the closet doors anyway.) I also picked up white paint to brighten the archway between the dining room and living room. Oh yes, and a can of silver spray paint since the two curtain rods from my old apartment that I was going to use in my study are the same design but TWO DIFFERENT FINISHES. (Yes, I am an idiot. A forgetful idiot.) Basically I picked up little things to finish little projects around the house.

Afterwords, I hung out with MomTook at her place. She of course fed me. Of course it was delicious. I was going to go out to watch the ALCS when I got home, but decided it would be better to relax and heal a bit. Plus the Sox always seem to lose playoff games when I watch them in a bar. (Hey, it worked didn't it? They POUNDED them!)

It's clear and unseasonably warm today, so I'm outta here.

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