Sunday, October 07, 2007

Boring Weekend

The other awesome thing about Friday that I forgot to mention was the fact that it was sunnny, dry, and EIGHTY-TWO FUCKING DEGREES. In the Adirondacks. In October. Awesome. Not so awesome? Having Mr. Z run me through my kata later that night and finding out that I've forgotten about four of the middle kata. Well, didn't forget completely, but extremely rusty on them.

Also not awesome? Trying to get back into running after nearly a month off. Friday I ran 5K in 27:31. That's over two minutes off my PR, but staying under 28 after being out of it that long isn't bad, and I got it down to 27:05 yesterday. I should be back to my old sub 25:30 times before too long.

Yesterday it poured (and thundered at times) all day, so between that and angsting over the Mr. Z situation, I did absolutely nothing aside from the running. Seriously. I started off strong, with the running and a little vacuuming and even some reading, and then 2:00 hit and it was Couch Potato City and I was the mayor.

Today is supposed to be a beautiful fall day - dry, sunny and 50's, so I'm doing some of my winterizing projects. The duvet and kitchen rug are in the washer for one last wash (they can't go in the dryer and have to dry outside) and since I already did the last mow of the year I'm going to hose down the lawnmower and bring it in. I'm also going to start taking the screens off of the windows I don't usually open. Window washing, trimming down the garden, and doing one last hedge trimming before I bring THAT in for the year are next, but I'm not sure if I'll get to them.

And...while I was writing this JewishMom called. We'll be getting together for pizza and perhaps a movie tonight. Coolness. I need to get out of the fucking house.

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