Thursday, August 23, 2007

Farewell, Fun Runs

Today was the last Fun Run of the season. Sigh. I did pretty well - did the 8K route in 42:01. It was a meatgrinder of a course. I do not exaggerate when I say that the entire first 4K was uphill, and not a gentle climb either. The one good thing is that it was an "out and back" route, so the entire second half was downhill, which is where I finally got ahead of a guy I had been chasing the entire first half. (Not by much though. He was only 30 seconds or so behind me at the end.) Everyone else was either way behind or way ahead of me, which has been the case most of the season - I'm a better than the casual runners, but nowhere near the raving lunatics. Lex Luthor said I did amazing for my first year, which is high praise coming from a hardcore runner like her.

It was just hard to believe that I won't see her, FakeGay, Coach Hottie, or the track teams till next July. It's also sad because it's the first summer activity to come to an end.

Not that I'm going to stop running anytime soon, of course. Even up here there's still plenty of warm enough weather to continue for quite a while before I take it inside.

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