Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Augh...can't believe it's been two weeks since I've updated. I have a legitimate excuse though. We had the rare dry hot spell all last week, so I used it to FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY stain the deck and porch. And now that I've gotten up close and personal with the sanding and staining, I can tell you that pressure-treated wood will indeed become water-damaged if not sealed. That wood just drank up the stain. It looks great though - I am really happy with it! However, it just took hours and hours to do, thanks to all the 2x2 railings. Exhausting!

In running, I had two awful weeks at the Fun Runs thanks mainly to the same heat. Finally got back up to speed (pun intended) tonight and cranked out 4.2 very hilly miles in 32:25. I definitely needed it as I was getting discouraged.

Had a canoe race on Sunday which marked the one year anniversary of my canoe racing. Unfortunately we were the last boat in. Sigh. We did knock four minutes off our time from last year, so I suppose that's something.

And in other athletic news, I must retire for the evening because there's a high probability that I will be TESTING FOR MY BROWN BELT TOMORROW. Insanity!

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