Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yep folks, it's still raining. And not yesterday's "patchy rain with sun peeking out occasionally" rain but "dark and gray and soul-sucking neverending rain."

Had sparring last night in Karate, as predicted. I did eehhh...accidentally hit FakeDaughter in the eye several times. Don't know what the hell was up with that. I was trying to avoid it but it was like she kept hitting me in the fist with her eye. Got ten pushups for that one.

Went out to SL for lunch with Dr. Z. The hotel restaurant we usually eat at out there has gone to pot under the new management, so we'll be switching over to Granola Healthy Restaurant in the future.

Still haven't decided about this week's Fun Run. I hate to miss two weeks in a row, but it's pissing out and their routes are always a stretch for me. Combine those two and it's a good recipe for getting sick right before our first canoe race in five weeks. I'm leaning towards not going, but I know Dr. Z will be disappointed.

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