Monday, July 16, 2007

I Don't Feel Like Blogging

Don't know why, but lately I just haven't felt like blogging.


Picked up my new dresser and rug on Saturday. They both look awesome! I'm especially happy with how the rug looks in the living room. It's PERFECT. The dresser is a bit more particleboard than I'd like, but is the perfect size and style for my bedroom.

I also finally got a real lawnmower. It's electric instead of gas, but I think that will work out a lot better for me, especially with my teeny tiny lawn.

Went for a long hike with Dr. Z yesterday. We needed it though - we're severely undertrained for September's Colorado backpacking trip. The plan is to do a long hike once a week until it's time to leave.

Oh, also - received three more stripes in Karate on Friday. Found out that when FakeDaughter showed Sensei her katas, she received a total of four, so Dr. Z was a bit pissed (since he seems to think I'm better) and gave me three to match her rank. I'm going to work even harder on my katas and hopefully get ahead of her again.

In other news, I was sick as a dog last Wednesday. I managed to make it through work, but just barely. I crashed all evening. Not surprising since I had had body aches and a fever of 100 degrees all day. (Doesn't sound like much, but my temp usually runs around 96 on my thermometer.)

Alright, work is busy so enough updates.

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