Monday, July 23, 2007

Awesome Weekend

Hey All,

Wow, what a weekend. Friday night I got all the way through Chinto with Mssrs. Z and S. Happiness! Of course, we'll see how much I retain.

Saturday I was up early for the first canoe race in over five weeks. To bad it sucked muchly. First of all, forget our specific class; there were NO other rec canoes at ALL. So now Dr. Z is all upset about probably having to move to stock class. Telling him that I went to the Wenonah website and priced the stocks at $2000 didn't help. Oops. I did offer to go in with him on it, seeing as it's only used for racing and I'm his partner. Secondly, the people running it were MORONS. They were SO disorganized (paperwork not there until right before the race, failing to give classes the correct start time, and an inability to read the results) it was ridiculous.

Sunday I went for an early morning hike up Ampersand. It was perfect timing because I left just as the IronPeople were getting out of the water. The bike route is a terrible time for cheering/spectating/etc because they get really spread out over the 112 miles and you only see them for an instant. We ate lunch at a new outdoor grill/cafe place and then I was able to watch the marathon section with JewishMom. It was great. I took a break from 5-8, and then headed up to the skating rink to watch the IronPeople come in. It was SO much fun.

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