Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Not much new since this weekend.

Monday and yesterday were both very boring, which is probably what I needed after a weekend that included a canoe race and the Ironman.

The only real news is that I did break my personal best on the 3.6 mile route yesterday - 30:17, baby! I'm taking a break today though because I am starting to get bad aches and pains in my legs. We'll see how the Fun Run goes tomorrow.

I also assembled and tried out my new electric lawnmower. It was a bit awkward at first because in my almost-thirty years I've never used a power mower, but it cuts SO much better than my old hand-powered one. Good thing, too. My lawn was starting to resemble a meadow. Now I just need to get out there and do the edging.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Awesome Weekend

Hey All,

Wow, what a weekend. Friday night I got all the way through Chinto with Mssrs. Z and S. Happiness! Of course, we'll see how much I retain.

Saturday I was up early for the first canoe race in over five weeks. To bad it sucked muchly. First of all, forget our specific class; there were NO other rec canoes at ALL. So now Dr. Z is all upset about probably having to move to stock class. Telling him that I went to the Wenonah website and priced the stocks at $2000 didn't help. Oops. I did offer to go in with him on it, seeing as it's only used for racing and I'm his partner. Secondly, the people running it were MORONS. They were SO disorganized (paperwork not there until right before the race, failing to give classes the correct start time, and an inability to read the results) it was ridiculous.

Sunday I went for an early morning hike up Ampersand. It was perfect timing because I left just as the IronPeople were getting out of the water. The bike route is a terrible time for cheering/spectating/etc because they get really spread out over the 112 miles and you only see them for an instant. We ate lunch at a new outdoor grill/cafe place and then I was able to watch the marathon section with JewishMom. It was great. I took a break from 5-8, and then headed up to the skating rink to watch the IronPeople come in. It was SO much fun.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Yep folks, it's still raining. And not yesterday's "patchy rain with sun peeking out occasionally" rain but "dark and gray and soul-sucking neverending rain."

Had sparring last night in Karate, as predicted. I did eehhh...accidentally hit FakeDaughter in the eye several times. Don't know what the hell was up with that. I was trying to avoid it but it was like she kept hitting me in the fist with her eye. Got ten pushups for that one.

Went out to SL for lunch with Dr. Z. The hotel restaurant we usually eat at out there has gone to pot under the new management, so we'll be switching over to Granola Healthy Restaurant in the future.

Still haven't decided about this week's Fun Run. I hate to miss two weeks in a row, but it's pissing out and their routes are always a stretch for me. Combine those two and it's a good recipe for getting sick right before our first canoe race in five weeks. I'm leaning towards not going, but I know Dr. Z will be disappointed.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Rainy Wednesday

Not much new...the Sundowner time trial went fairly well. Dr. Z and I posted a 59 minute 6-miler, which is a good time for us. It was definitely a good practice for Saturday's race.

My title insurance actually got back to me yesterday. I nearly had a heart attack that somebody actually responded to me with The House Thing. Maybe I can finally get started on putting this whole thing behind me once and for all.

Didn't go for a run this morning. I was supposed to do a light 2-mile jog but it's rainy and cold out and I'm feeling run down. I suspect my thyroid is off again, dammit. Unfortunately my next appointment isn't until September. Tonight will most likely be sparring night at Karate anyway, so I'll still get a good workout in.

Other than that, it's just a cold, rainy, boring Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New 5K Personal Best!

Had Karate last night...not much new there, although I started learning Shinto. Oh. My. God. OVERLOAD. I'm psyched to be learning a new kata, but god DAMN am I going to be on this one for a while. Mr. Z made me feel really good by saying that my Gojushiho pattern was miles ahead of FakeDaughter's.

Ran my 5K route today for the first time in two weeks. (I've been doing a 3.6 mile route.) I blasted through my previous best of 28:26 with a time of 27:01. That's right, bitches. It's amazing because just a month or so ago I was trying desperately to break thirty.

Tonight's the first Sundowner Series paddle, whatever the hell it is. Mr. Z aren't sure, exactly. It's not really a formal race, per se. Oh well. It's paddling and that's all that matters.

Okay, break time's over. Back to work!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I Don't Feel Like Blogging

Don't know why, but lately I just haven't felt like blogging.


Picked up my new dresser and rug on Saturday. They both look awesome! I'm especially happy with how the rug looks in the living room. It's PERFECT. The dresser is a bit more particleboard than I'd like, but is the perfect size and style for my bedroom.

I also finally got a real lawnmower. It's electric instead of gas, but I think that will work out a lot better for me, especially with my teeny tiny lawn.

Went for a long hike with Dr. Z yesterday. We needed it though - we're severely undertrained for September's Colorado backpacking trip. The plan is to do a long hike once a week until it's time to leave.

Oh, also - received three more stripes in Karate on Friday. Found out that when FakeDaughter showed Sensei her katas, she received a total of four, so Dr. Z was a bit pissed (since he seems to think I'm better) and gave me three to match her rank. I'm going to work even harder on my katas and hopefully get ahead of her again.

In other news, I was sick as a dog last Wednesday. I managed to make it through work, but just barely. I crashed all evening. Not surprising since I had had body aches and a fever of 100 degrees all day. (Doesn't sound like much, but my temp usually runs around 96 on my thermometer.)

Alright, work is busy so enough updates.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Update (Mostly Bitching)

Went down to Connecticut for Fourth of July. It was a long (five hours each way) trip, but well worth it. I had an absolute blast, got to see my extended family for the first time in years, and got the hell out of Dodge, as the saying goes.

Shit has been stressful here. The situation with the house has reared its ugly head after months of nothing happening. In the meantime, neither Zoning Board member nor lawyer will return my letters or calls while Evil Neighbor keeps harassing me. Also, in the past month I've had to scoop up THREE piles of dogshit from my yard. Dr. Z says there's no dog deterrent and the only thing to do aside from fencing my yard in is to call Animal Control and rat out Evil Neighbor for letting his dogs run around unleashed.

Screwed up my kata in front of one of the senseis in class last week, preventing me from getting a promotion. What really bugs my shit is a.) this has bitten me in the ass before and b.) it will probably be forever until I get another chance. I am SO pissed off at myself.

Also, thanks to several unexpected medical and dental bills, I'm down to pretty much NO money until Monday.

Gee, aren't you glad I updated?