Tuesday, June 05, 2007


So far it's been a fairly quiet week. Such is how it is for me in the summer. Just the nature of the job. Spent most of yesterday getting ready for next week's trip down to Atlanta. Now that I'm prepared I'm looking forward to it rather than dreading it.

Had sparring at Karate last night. TattoedButSweet and I went to kick at the same time and got tangled up. I ended up landing right on my lower back and pelvis and am still paying for it today. On the bright side, Sensei finally was free to help out the adult class and gave me mondo instruction on the art of fighting taller opponents. (He himself is only 5'4".)

Ran my 5K in 29:05 today. That was WITH high humidity and a stiff back. Unbelievable. Once I break 29:00 I'm going to slowly lengthen my run. I'm also bringing my training shoes with me to GA. (I called the hotel yesterday and confirmed they have a free gym with treadmills. It's going to be too damn hot and humid to run outside.)

Will hopefully be paddling after work seeing as I have a 9 mile race on Saturday. Don't know though - we had thunderstorms all afternoon and although they've left, the wind is still pretty fierce. We shall see.

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