Friday, February 16, 2007


Sorry, sorry, sorry. I knew it had been some time since I've posted, but DAMN.

Let's see...PhillieFan is long gone, having fixed all the drywall cracks. He (or someone from Kermit the Kontractor's team) will be returning though, as several more have popped up in the old ones' place. (Including in two corners of the LIVING ROOM, which I already PAINTED.) Not much else new with the house.

Went to the Saranac Lake Winter Festival the other week. Picked up a cute purple scarf at the craft fair and...HELLO, CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL.

And..oh yeah...THREE FEET OF SNOW IN 24 HOURS. The HELL? After two days straight of shoveling I am SORE, people. And that's with my neighbor snowblowing my driveway and Dr. Z coming by yesterday to help me shovel and dig out my car. The best part is that although the snow has finally stopped,, shoveling is still pointless because of the damn wind. ARGH.