Monday, January 15, 2007

I Hate Icestorms

Well, IronMom finally called at 7:00 on Friday night to say she couldn't make it to Karate, so I spent a wild Friday night watching my Scrubs DVDs. Am I a party animal or WHAT?

Saturday was really very quiet. I hung around the house in case PhillieFan showed up, which he never did. I only left to make a quick run to the dump. Saturday night was spent at Momtook's house for a birthday dinner for Geritol and VeggieBro-in-Law.

Sunday I spoke with Mr. Partridge about my legal issue with my house. He used to be on the Zoning Board so he was able to give me some actual names to contact. (As opposed to my two UNANSWERED letters addressed simply to the Zoning Board.) The rest of the day was pretty much watching the playoffs. The Bears won, which, boo, because now New Orleans will have to face them, but the Pats won so yay.

And this morning what started off as a picturesque snowfall turned into a nasty icestorm. (Which was REALLY fun driving to the drugstore in.) Hopefully it will be over and the roads cleared before Karate tonight. Other than that it's work, work work. Boy do I miss getting MLK Day off.

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