Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, I'm back again, this time with a New Year's resolution to post at least weekly.

It's been a fairly quiet week. Kermit the Kontractor sent one of his guys to fix the drywall cracks on the second floor. (It's from shrinkage (...hee) as the drywall and plaster dry out.) He's been in and out all week, but didn't come by yesterday, but that's how contractors roll. Of course, Kermit STILL hasn't found someone to fix the damn tub. It's only been over 2 and a half months now. Gah!

Doctor Z is leaving for his annual canoe trip, so no Karate class tonight. I was going to ask IronMom if she was planning to be there (since she's the only other one who ever shows up), but she wasn't in class yesterday. Oh well.

Tomorrow's supposed to be a washout (like today), but Sunday looks 40 and sunny. I sent an e-mail to JewishMother to see if she wanted to go hiking. I really hope she says yes.

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