Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday! WOOHOO!!

Thank GOD it is finally Friday, even if I am on call all week. (So far I'm 2 for 3, getting paged in the middle of the night Tuesday and Wednesday but not last night.)

Wednesday was pretty awesome. I met Dr. Z at Dunkin Donuts for some pre-surgery caffeine and sugar. At first there was panic, as a water main had broke, leaving DD unable to brew more coffee. I got the second-to-last cup of the high-octane stuff. While we were eating, we saw SuzieQ.

Surgery day itself was pretty cool. Since I had never even seen surgery before, I really didn't do much other than keep Dr. Z company and turn off the anaestesia when he told me to. Hopefully next time I'll be slightly more useful. When I started my car up to go home, the Check Engine light came on. I was still able to get home, but aggravated that I was going to have to take it all the way to E-Town to get fixed.

Yesterday was really busy. Work is just piling up - a far cry from last week when I had just about caught up on everything. PhillieFan came and put another coat of plaster up. The drywall looks SO much better now. I started up the car and no more light, thank God. Turns out it was just the supercold (-30) weather we had had the other day. To replace it, my washing machine decided to stop taking in cold water - it will only fill with hot. I called at noon and Sears rockingly said they would have someone here TODAY to look at it. Not so rocking? The window. He'll be here between 8 and 5. Good thing I work from home. Yeesh.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

God Inc. Episode Four

The latest episode of God, Inc. is up. Check it out!

In other news, PhillieFan is now three hours late. I love contractors. Also, the mailman left me a nastygram because the pathway isn't shoveled when IF HE USED THE ONE COMING FROM THE DRIVEWAY IT WOULD BE. I hope he slips and falls. Just not, you know, on MY property.

Monday, January 15, 2007

I Hate Icestorms

Well, IronMom finally called at 7:00 on Friday night to say she couldn't make it to Karate, so I spent a wild Friday night watching my Scrubs DVDs. Am I a party animal or WHAT?

Saturday was really very quiet. I hung around the house in case PhillieFan showed up, which he never did. I only left to make a quick run to the dump. Saturday night was spent at Momtook's house for a birthday dinner for Geritol and VeggieBro-in-Law.

Sunday I spoke with Mr. Partridge about my legal issue with my house. He used to be on the Zoning Board so he was able to give me some actual names to contact. (As opposed to my two UNANSWERED letters addressed simply to the Zoning Board.) The rest of the day was pretty much watching the playoffs. The Bears won, which, boo, because now New Orleans will have to face them, but the Pats won so yay.

And this morning what started off as a picturesque snowfall turned into a nasty icestorm. (Which was REALLY fun driving to the drugstore in.) Hopefully it will be over and the roads cleared before Karate tonight. Other than that it's work, work work. Boy do I miss getting MLK Day off.

Friday, January 12, 2007


Well, PhillieFan showed up...8:30 instead of 7:30, but I was still happy. The drywall cracks are really coming around. PhillieFan also said he'll be back tomorrow if Kermit the Kontractor sends him to Lake Placid. (I guess they're working four different job sites right now.)

Work was crazybusy - I'm in the middle of an insane audit. At least it made the day pass quickly, even though I didn't tie up as many loose ends before the weekend as I was hoping to.

It hit 34 today, so I went for a run. Did 5K in 32:22, which isn't bad considering it's been too cold to run since Monday and Karate's been low-key, cardio-wise.

Also got a call from Dr. Z. He made it out of the wilderness and "cheated death once again" as he likes to say. He's started heading home in the pouring rain.

Other than that, it's finishing up work and waiting to hear from IronMom as to whether she's going to Karate tonight or not.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Same Old, Same Old

It's been a very quiet week, with everything kind of in limbo. However, one of the "limbo" items finally had some movement when one of Kermit the Kontractor's guys, PhillieFan, came over to do more work on the drywall cracks after no one had showed up since BlueEyes made a brief appearance last Wednesday. Hopefully he'll be back tomorrow morning as he promised. I know this is how contractors work but it's STILL annoying as hell.

In other limbo news, there were a bunch of children's promotions at Karate last night, but I'm still at green belt. However, Sensei looked at my kata and said it was much better than the first time he saw it. Hopefully that means I'll finally get my blue belt promotion soon. Although I usually don't care about rank, every time I put on that green belt now I'm reminded about how I screwed up my test, so I just want to be able to put it all behind me.

Also, I got a postcard from Dr. Z, Marcus and FNG today. (My backpacking buddies from the Colorado trip.) It was a very nice surprise. Man do I wish I was canoeing down the Buffalo with them.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Best Show Ever

God Inc.

The "episodes" are 5-6 minute clips on YouTube, but they are BRILLIANT. There's three so far:

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Go. Watch.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Well, I'm back again, this time with a New Year's resolution to post at least weekly.

It's been a fairly quiet week. Kermit the Kontractor sent one of his guys to fix the drywall cracks on the second floor. (It's from shrinkage (...hee) as the drywall and plaster dry out.) He's been in and out all week, but didn't come by yesterday, but that's how contractors roll. Of course, Kermit STILL hasn't found someone to fix the damn tub. It's only been over 2 and a half months now. Gah!

Doctor Z is leaving for his annual canoe trip, so no Karate class tonight. I was going to ask IronMom if she was planning to be there (since she's the only other one who ever shows up), but she wasn't in class yesterday. Oh well.

Tomorrow's supposed to be a washout (like today), but Sunday looks 40 and sunny. I sent an e-mail to JewishMother to see if she wanted to go hiking. I really hope she says yes.