Monday, November 06, 2006

Monday Already?

Didn't get to post on Friday due to having to actually, you know, work. I went to a fundraiser for the local humane society. It wasn't one of those super-fancy fundraisers - pretty casual. It was a lot of fun except for the "concert" which featured local college kids, some of whom needed more, erm, practice.

Saturday was pretty much a lazy day. Dr. Z and I watched a bunch of "The Adventures of Pete & Pete" episodes back to back. (P & P is a very bizarre but most excellent show that lasted on Nickelodeon for three seasons back in the early Nineties.)

Sunday I went out to Plattsburgh with MomTook and FINALLY bought a new television to replace my broken one that's had a horribly blurry, sometimes hourglass-shaped picture for TWO YEARS. This means I get to make my First Trip Ever to the dump to get rid of the old television.

So now it's Monday again. Sigh. Nothing much new foreseen for today - work, Karate training and Monday Night Football with Dr. Z. An average Monday.

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