Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Closer to Success...

I just found out that my offer on the house I want has been unofficially accepted, which is great news. My realtor and the contractor (it's a new build) are just hashing out contract details. I should be in escrow within 24 hours. I am SO psyched! I found out the flooring allowance - I've chosen light bamboo for the first floor and will go with beige-ish carpeting (still needs to be picked out) upstairs. The benefits of buying a house while it's still being built. I also found out that the countertops will be tile. It's more work, but I really do prefer the look.

In driving news, I had my third lesson today. Hill stops and main roads were the lessons of the day. I'm FINALLY at the point where although I'm still not a great or even good driver, I'd feel comfortable getting behind the wheel and practicing by myself.

Hopefully tomorrow I'll be calling a lawyer and house inspector.

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