Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How Life Is

Jay asked an excellent question: "So, other than your foot and your ass, how's life?"

The problem is that even when I AM healthly, my life is pretty damn boring. Now that I pretty much spend all day and night in my apartment, it's even moreso. It's funny - I never appreciated until now what a huge part of my life Tae Kwon Do really is. Of course, when I'm healthy I do spend about 15 hours a week there.

So...how's life? Outside of either setting up, waiting for, or going to doctors' appointments (which would fall under the "foot" category), pretty much it's just work, television and the occasional dinner with SevenofColorado or StarWarsGeek. In other words, fine, but dull.


Baylink said...

Well, I do have free long-distance, free-incoming and a headset...


Baylink said...

Oh, and as I think I noted once before, Wicked is supposed to be coming to Boston.

And it's, uh, wicked.