Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Happy February!

Although I don't usually quote Garfield, he was right in that "February is the Monday of months."

Not much new here. Most of this week has been spent waiting for my podiatrist appointment on Friday. The anti-inflammatory (basically prescription-strength Aleve) he prescribed doesn't seem to be doing much. Maybe now he'll actually, I don't know, RUN SOME TESTS. It's frustrating - I've had six different doctors either scratch their head or throw a prescription at me , which would be fine IF THEY WORKED. At this point, I'll be happy to at least start definitively ruling shit out. (Like the ARTHRITIS you SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH WITH before telling me to come back a WEEK AND A HALF LATER. Like, nice TO BE CONTINUED, DOCTOR, but I don't want a part in your heart-stopping SERIAL.)

I'm going to tell him, "Look, I realize you can't fix this until you know what it is, so let's get with the diagnosing, okay? Tests, biopsies, scans...bring it on. PLEASE." And if he gives me a referral to a rhuematologist like he was hinting at last time, I'm going to force him to run at least some basic RA and gout tests before I waste my time waiting for ANOTHER specialist to be able to fit me in his schedule.

My toes don't hurt, just look bad, but I seem to have a huge pain in my ASS. *grins*


Baylink said...

Well, that's a different specialist, Pip. They take even longer to get an appointment with.

How far is it from Boston to Princeton? :-)

I'm insanely happy with my new laptop, too; I think the Compaq Evo may be the best laptop ever designed by the hand of man. The audio isn't *quite* as good as my old Compaq Armada 4220T, but then, the processor is a lot faster.

And I have a pair os Sony SRS-100's inbound to fix that problem, anyway.

So, other than your foot and your ass, how's life?

PipTook said... this point I *wish* it were a problem a proctologist could fix. At least then I'd still be able to exercise, go to TKD, etc. Of course, the whole "sitting in a chair working all day" thing might prove to be an issue.

I forgot to mention that - the one bad thing about Compaq laptops is the sucky speakers. I have an external pair too.