Monday, January 30, 2006

My Weekend

Friday after work I went to the other Apple store to try my luck again. I had to wait a bit, but once I got someone, she stood there for a good half hour at least answering all my questions. I walked out with an iMac, Microsoft Office, a 3 year extended warranty, a subscription to, and a nearly $1800 charge on my credit card. Ouch. Can I just say how much I love it though? Since everything is contained in the flatscreen monitor (kinda like a tablet PC on a stand), it takes up like no room. The keyboard has not one but TWO USB ports to plug stuff into. (Something I have looked for for months in the PC world). The keyboard and mouse also work with my work laptop so I'm no longer killing my back.

StarWarsGeek picked me up since he wanted to see my new toy and we were going to watch Battlestar Galactica. It was wicked easy to set up. That was also the last time I really played with it since I can't use the Internet with it while on-call until I buy a router. Battlestar Galactica sucked (for them) by the way. Next week has mucho Starbuck, which, yay! Unfortunately the preview has her suddenly turning into an alkie, which...WHAT? I *hate* character assassination. It's why I stopped watching ST:DS9 after they turned Kira into a high heel wearing softie.

I was paged at 2 Friday night and stayed on the phone until four. Not usually a problem on the weekend, but I had to be up at eight for a facial. (Yeah, I know, but it was the only time she could fit me in and I was't expecting to be up all night.) I was the living dead but the facial was great. However, people need to stop asking about the pain of my piercings and tattoos because...well, piercings are over in an instant and tattoos have nothing on the pain of what they call "extraction." (I.e. They squeeze out all and any gunk in your pores.)

Came home and chilled out for a while. I ended up going to bed pretty early since I was so sleep-deprived. I slept for ten hours. Luckily I was much more productive yesterday - did laundry, grocery shipping, the bills, cleared off a spot on my desk for my new iMac, and even gave myself a manicure.

As for today, well, they call it "Monday" for a reason.


Baylink said...

Yeah, Monday's are supposed to be screwed up. Course I'm a happy camper since Much House Cleaning got done this week. One of the women who loves me was in town from $BIG_CITY, and ripped the place apart while I was at work.

That was supposed to be three, but one had a kid flying in from $ARMED_SERVICE and the other one lost a niece last weekend to a failed heart transplant. <sigh>

But I'm having much fun with *my* (semi-)new computer; a Compaq Evo N600c 30G/512M/1400x1050, which might well be The Perfect Laptop.

Ah well, off to BigSister's to see more Ashley goodness.

PipTook said...

Ah, so you believe in "bachelor pad chic" then? *G* My place usually stays neat, as in picked up, but I detest actual cleaning.

I've heard a lot of people badmouth the Compaq laptops, but my previous computers were Compaq laptops and I loved them. Lasted forever too.

Oh, and the specs on my iMac are 160G/512M/1.83 GHz Intel duo-core processor.

baylink said...

Who said anything about "chic"?