Monday, January 09, 2006


Well, the "scabby, multicolored flakey" phase of my tattoo is finishing up and I am NOT happy. Check it:

No, not the color. That's just my camera being stupid. It's the missing spots of color. I am NOT happy. I know it's not the tatooist - as you saw, it looked great pre-healed. It just lost pieces of color during the healing process, which I've heard can happen. It is also easily fixable. I'm just really annoyed because now I have to trek all the way back out to Davis Square to get it touched up. (Not to mention go through the whole "can't sleep on my side for a week" thing again.)

Well, I have to let it finish healing anyway. Maybe once it's completely finished it will look better. Since my other tattoo is on my lower back, I couldn't inspect it as closely so I don't know if that went through the same thing.

I'm also not ecstatic about the shading.



Baylink said...

Well, I'd assume he's in Miami.

I'm on the way... :-)

Sorry to hear about your too, toe.

PipTook said...

*LOL* His main studio when not filming Miami Ink is actually in L.A. so you may want to call first. ;-D

And thanks. I do have an appointment with a highly recommended podiatrist, so that's *something*, even if it's weeks away.