Monday, September 12, 2005

Time Keeps on Slippin'

Wow...I can't believe I haven't updated since 9/1. My bad. Of course, last I checked Laura hadn't updated since early AUGUST, so at least I'm not the WORST. ;-)

Yesterday was my black belt test. I got up at 7:30, thinking I had to wash my good uniform. Turns out my good uniform was actually the ONLY clean one (I have four) and had simply fallen into the very back of my closet from when MomTook came down last weekend and we redecorated the bedroom. Anyway, I had three loads of laundry done by 9 in the morning.

I left for the dojang at ten, wanting to get there an hour before the test. There were a LOT of people testing (32) and the air was electric with tension. Although a lot of people were already there when I arrived, I'm very glad I didn't get there any earlier. I was a bit "overstretched" by the time the test started as it was.

There is a tradition of the black belt test being held behind curtains and kept secret, so I won't go into details about the actual test, but I was very glad when it was finally over with. I think I did fairly well. The few little mistakes I made were due to nerves rather than forgetting or not knowing anything. The test actually wasn't that long. I was so relieved and full of adrenaline at the end that my hands were literally shaking.

We all went for a celebratory dinner at Chef Changs after. (We always go there since the owner attends TKD and gives us a big discount.) Pretty much everyone had a nice 22 oz Sapporo to take the edge off.

In a way, the whole thing was very anticlimatic because what happens next is that those who need to improve things will be pulled aside and told so and after they have fixed whatever they need to the black belt ceremony will be held for everyone. One of the blackbelts said it usually takes about a month or so, so it looks like I WON'T get it for my birthday. Ah well.

So it looks like the bid for black belt continues. I really hope I don't get pulled aside, mainly because I like to think I did well. Plus, I have many aches and pains from training so hard and my body is screaming for some time off.

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