Saturday, September 24, 2005

Random Thought

I was flipping through the channels, stopped on Sci-Fi for one of their wonderfully cheesy movies and realized:

Corbin Bernsen is the poor man's Sam Neil.

Sorry you couldn't afford the real thing, Sci-Fi.


Doug said...

Stick to Battlestar Galactica and you can't go wrong with that particular peice of programming on Sci Fi.

Curly said...

Poor man's Sam Neil. Heh. Heh heh heh.

Why do I find that so hysterical?

I know! The drugs!

'Appeeee Birthday!

PipTook said...

Doug - Yes, StarWarsGeek has forced me to watch about half a dozen episodes. They are very good but I will definitely have to go back and watch them in order. Then it will make more sense to me.

PipTook said...

Hey Curly! Heehee...glad you liked it.

And thanks for the birthday wishes!

liz g said...

I love the reference "a poor man's..." in regards to actors. And usually I enjoy the poor man actor as much as the rich mans lol.