Thursday, September 01, 2005

O Frabjuous Day!

...I know, not an original title, but it's how I feel.

1.) It's September 1st, the official kickoff to my favorite time of year, Autumn. (Yes, I know it's not actually the Autumnal Equinox, but still...SEPTEMBER.)

2.) The Evil Neighbors are moving out as we speak. I bumped into one of the guys yesterday and he mentioned he's moving to Dorchester. How...appropriate for a pot-smoking partier. There's an adult lady helping out (the other dozen or so people are in their early twenties), making me wonder if she's a parent and if so, if she knows how much her kid(s) party.)

3.) I actually got a good (if not filled with REALLY bizarre dreams) night's sleep after having awful insomnia the night before.

Now if the normally quiet upstairs neighbor(s) can NOT spend the entire evening talking and yelling loudly on their balcony like they did last night, life will be VERY good. (From 4:30-10 or so, folks, but at least it booted my ass out to Tae Kwon Do when I was thinking about not going.)

(Of course it doesn't matter if they do tonight since I am having a good-bye dinner with Korngirl, who is being a BITCH and LEAVING ME for a semester abroad in SPAIN. *sniff* At least I'll get to visit her. Hooray for Madrid!)

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