Monday, September 12, 2005

My Mother the Designer

In my neverending attempts at catching up in this blog...

MomTook came down over Labor Day weekend to help me redesign my bedroom. She arrived late Friday night with all her supplies. We woke up early Saturday morning raring to go. First we needed fuel though, so we tried out the diner down the street. I have to give it my wholehearted stamp of approval.

We did the first coat of paint and then went down to the fabric district in Boston. A whole bunch of walking around later, we had AMAZING duvet cover fabric, fabric for two throw pillows and new knobs for the nightstand.

We ordered Chinese food and painted the second wall coat and all the furniture. We stopped at eleven and were up again at 6:30 Sunday morning.

MomTook did all the sewing while I put final coats on all the furniture and assembled the chair I bought for the reading nook.

And now, what all the sweat and tears brought:


And after:

Does my mother rock or what?


Auditrix said...

Yes, your mother rocks. Will she help me pick some paint colors?

PipTook said...

*LOL* Actually, she probably WOULD if you sent her photos of your room.