Wednesday, September 28, 2005

It's My Party

Thanks to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday. I'm blown over by the amount of e-mails, e-cards and in one case a very strange voicemail with a certain insane acquaintance singing "Happy Birthday" in Pig Latin.

Since it's a Wednesday, I don't really have any special plans. I DID go to the dentist today because of a really sore spot on my gums which turned out to be nothing. The hygenist thinks I got a popcorn kernel stuck in my gum and it went in deep and irritated it.

I had a birthday dinner last weekend with Caitism and SalemGirl and although was supposed to go up North to go hiking with MomTook, VeggieSis and BabySis this weekend and celebrate my birthday, it's been pushed off to the weekend of the ninth, but I shall still be celebrating with the family (for the first time in at least ten years) then.


Anonymous said...
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Curly said...

Why are these freakin' pinko commie bastards posting spam comments to your blog! They do the same thing to my guest book! Go hock your Viagra elsewhere.

Anyway... Insane? I am NOT insane! What *is* insane is your cell phone voice mail. This is what you get for staying on the dark side of the force. Join the light! We're orange and blue and better for you!!!!

Read my poem yet?

Glad that it "popped" up that your dental problem was just a "corny" one. WHEEEE!!!!!



Curly said...

Oh, and do you *know* how hard it is to sing "Happy Birthday" in Pig Latin? Geez.

House said...

¡Felíz cumpleaños!

Micro Pedi said...

I love this post!