Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Update

Boy did the weekend fly by. I usually have absolutely nothing to do during the weekends. (I know...a hot chick like me home on a Saturday night...amazing!) This weekend, however, was relatively busy for me.

Friday night was spent at TKD, as usual. I was there until I was kicked out at closing. Forms went well - my fellow red belts said that my Choo Mu and Hwa Rang forms had really improved from last week. Full-Range Sparring was okay. I really have to learn how to get in close enough to taller opponents so I can wreak havoc.

Saturday I went to the pharmacy, then got a call from StarWarsGeek confirming that he was coming over to check out the new digs after I got back from TKD. I started frantically picking up and went to TKD for a vast majority of the afternoon. It was a Black Belt Test Review, where I was once again reprimanded about my lack of power. We were also told to talk to UsedCarSalesman at the front desk, who would either recommend us for testing in September or not. The Grandmaster would then review the list of recommendations and then decide who would test. (This is for those of us who are "maybes," not definite "yeses" like PerfectJumper.)

When I got home, I finished cleaning up the apartment and finally hung my framed "Starry Night" print in the dining area, where it looks Most Fantastic. I met StarWarsGeek at the T stop and we walked over to AppleBee's for dinner. I then showed him my new apartment, which he was impressed with. We hung out until about eleven, when he had to leave to catch the bus.

Sunday I met up with my old college roommates Caitism and SalemGirl. We had lunch in Fanueil Hall, braving the tourists. After that, we headed to Chinatown for the Chinatown Street Festival, which was pretty cool. Caitism commented that it looked like every Asian in Boston had come. (For reference, Caitism is Chinese.) We then did some bargain shopping in Macy's and Filenes, where I got a gorgeous shirt for $8.50.

I finally got home around 6:30, and before I knew it, it was Monday again.

On a final note, rest in peace, Peter Jennings. You will be missed.

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