Friday, August 19, 2005

My Life Rocks Sometimes

Once in a very great while, something totally cool happens.

I had just finished a rather poor round of Ultimate Fighting with KoreanSweetie (who always kicks my ass) at Tae Kwon Do and was watching the guys spar when the Stones started practicing in Fenway Park for their Sunday concert. There is NOTHING like watching some fighting while Mick and the guys sing "Start Me Up" live.

This was followed by actually catching the Braintree train just as it arrived. (As opposed to the twenty minutes I usually end up waiting.)

For one brief hour, my life rocked.


Anonymous said...

this is an old post....

but that ROCKS SO FRIGGIN HARD!!! I wish i could have seen the concert. I wish I could have sat in your tae kwon do room.

does that mean it's your martial arts theme now? do you play it when you enter the room? i'll follow you with the boombox if need be, like on that stupid insurance commercial.

PipTook said...

*LOL* See, this is why I love you Liz. Nah...if I had a martial arts theme I think I'd make it Ozzy's "Crazy Train."

And I don't know the insurance commercial, but it DOES make me think of the brilliant Starbucks commercial.