Friday, August 05, 2005

Misc Friday Crap

1.) It is HOT outside. Not "average temperature but 145% humidity" hot like it was before, but a dry, "Well, now I've been self-cleaned" heat. I'm very happy it's going to be 70's and dry tomorrow.

2.) The nosering situation has been fixed. I went back to my regular piercer, confessed infidelity and he put in a ring. Much more noticable, but much better for healing. I also talked to the tattoo artist there about me Dali shoulder tat. I'll bring the book with the picture so he can draw it up when I go to buy a new stud in a month or so. It's funny - I originally thought that no one cared that I had the nose piercing. Now I'm finding out they just didn't notice the little stud.

3.) I am SORE, y'all. Aside from the usual TKD training, I started weightlifting again to build up my power. I used to bench 70 pounds but now am using little 15 pound dumbells. It's amazing how quickly you lose muscle strength. No wonder I haven't had any power in my techniques!

Well, have a good weekend everyone!

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