Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thank God For AC

To clarify, the pot smell on Friday night was coming through the front door. The front doors here don't have any weatherstripping so there's big gaps through which noise, smells, etc can come through. (Which is why it is the noisy neighbors across the hall who are now my mortal enemies. *G*)

Anyway, it's been high 90s and humid with heat indexes over 100 all weekend, so no TKD. (The studio isn't air-conditioning and this soup masquerading as air sets off my asthma.)

I went to the beach today. It's not the nicest beach (by FAR), but considering it's only a ten-minute walk away, I'm happy with "no crackpipes around." It's wonderful living so close to the ocean. I even have some color, which is wierd for me. (I'm usually pale white.)

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