Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Random Items

1.) Although it was inevitable, my manager is QUICKLY ramping down my days in the office. The past two weeks I've work from home two days a week. Next week it will be three, then four and in two weeks I will be working from home full-time. Living alone, I'm convinced I will turn into a hermit a la Sandra Bullock in The 'Net. On the other hand, that means I'll have Jeremy Northam stalking me. Yum. He can steal my identity any time. (Ironically enough, right after typing the above, my credit card company called me to verify my change of address and phone.)

2.) STILL can't paint the kitchen. Okay people - this meteorological impression of a crotch can STOP NOW.

3.) For those who are waiting (HI AUDITRIX!), updates to the new story will occur in the original entry, which can be found here.

1 comment:

Auditrix said...

1) Ah.... Jeremy....

2) Ew.

3) *waves back* I'VE been posting.