Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I Own Too Much Crap

Seriously. Considering how small my current apartment is, I have no idea how the hell I fit so much into it. My coworker SweetBlonde dropped off a bunch of boxes on Sunday, seeing my apartment for the first time. Very embarrassing as said apartment is currently a mess with boxes everywhere. I will have to invite her to my housewarming so that she can see that I am not completely inept. (That and the fact that she always invites me to her Most Awesome Parties.)

I finally got to meet Poopsalot on Saturday, which was awesome. She is the Best Baby Ever. CrazySis's uterus still hasn't shrank back down so she was doing gross tricks with her still-distended belly. Me, BabySis and DadTook spent the entire weekend fighting over whose turn it was to hold Poopsalot.

I came back Sunday night, planning on sleeping in till an obscene hour on Monday since I had worked the past three weekends in a row and had to get up early on both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, MomTook decided to call at 10:00. (Since I've been up at that hour all the past month, she assumed I'd be up early again that day.) It was still good to chat with her though.

Work is...wierd right now. I don't want to say much, but changes are afoot.

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