Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ending on a "High" Note

There was a recent survey that showed that Massachusetts has the highest incidence of pot usage in the country and I believe them. Why?

At my old place, the people in the apartment next to mine liked to toke and the smoke would come through the bathroom vent we shared.

Now tonight, my entire living area REEKS of pot.

Okay, people? I have no problem with pot. I only ask that those who choose to smoke their alcohol do so BY A WINDOW or ON THEIR BALCONY so that I don't have to SMELL that HORRIBLE STENCH.

Thank you for your consideration. *rolls eyes*

And...what was that? I shouldn't be home on a Friday night in a first place? Well, did YOU invite me to any cool parties? Yeah, didn't think so. So have a big ol' helping of Shut the Hell Up. *G*

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