Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Random Items

1.) Although it was inevitable, my manager is QUICKLY ramping down my days in the office. The past two weeks I've work from home two days a week. Next week it will be three, then four and in two weeks I will be working from home full-time. Living alone, I'm convinced I will turn into a hermit a la Sandra Bullock in The 'Net. On the other hand, that means I'll have Jeremy Northam stalking me. Yum. He can steal my identity any time. (Ironically enough, right after typing the above, my credit card company called me to verify my change of address and phone.)

2.) STILL can't paint the kitchen. Okay people - this meteorological impression of a crotch can STOP NOW.

3.) For those who are waiting (HI AUDITRIX!), updates to the new story will occur in the original entry, which can be found here.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Thank God For AC

To clarify, the pot smell on Friday night was coming through the front door. The front doors here don't have any weatherstripping so there's big gaps through which noise, smells, etc can come through. (Which is why it is the noisy neighbors across the hall who are now my mortal enemies. *G*)

Anyway, it's been high 90s and humid with heat indexes over 100 all weekend, so no TKD. (The studio isn't air-conditioning and this soup masquerading as air sets off my asthma.)

I went to the beach today. It's not the nicest beach (by FAR), but considering it's only a ten-minute walk away, I'm happy with "no crackpipes around." It's wonderful living so close to the ocean. I even have some color, which is wierd for me. (I'm usually pale white.)

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ending on a "High" Note

There was a recent survey that showed that Massachusetts has the highest incidence of pot usage in the country and I believe them. Why?

At my old place, the people in the apartment next to mine liked to toke and the smoke would come through the bathroom vent we shared.

Now tonight, my entire living area REEKS of pot.

Okay, people? I have no problem with pot. I only ask that those who choose to smoke their alcohol do so BY A WINDOW or ON THEIR BALCONY so that I don't have to SMELL that HORRIBLE STENCH.

Thank you for your consideration. *rolls eyes*

And...what was that? I shouldn't be home on a Friday night in a first place? Well, did YOU invite me to any cool parties? Yeah, didn't think so. So have a big ol' helping of Shut the Hell Up. *G*

Friday, June 24, 2005

Am I Ever Gonna Find Out?

n.b. For ease of reading, I will keep adding updates and corrections to this entry.

Silence Is Golden...

"Go on a date with me."

I am stunned. Gobsmacked, as I'm sure Chase would say, being British and everything. I agree, partially to get her back on my team and partially...something else.

Dinner, of course, does not go well. Once I realize that my "feelings" for Cameron aren't feelings of attraction but elation that someone, anyone is interested in me, my mouth goes off before my brain can stop it. My psuedo-psychologizing has the desired effect of stopping Cameron's ridiculous (not to mention career-ending) schoolgirl crush, but the horrified look on her face makes me wish for the gift of tact.

I may push most people away, but my relationship with Stacey and the subsequent nasty breakup proved that I enjoy having a ...shudder..."significant other" in my life and feel incomplete without it. Much to my intense and constant irritation. I like to pretend I'm fine being on my own, but it's like Simon and Garfunkel trying to bullshit the listener that they are a rock and an island. (Although the line "I touch no one and no one touches me" has certainly described the past five years.)

I suppose I could have told Cameron about how my last relationship ended, but I have a feeling that it would have had opposite of the intended effect. How can someone young enough to be my daughter be so damn maternal towards me?

...But I Think It's Gonna Kill Me Now.

There are some advantages to working in a building where every damn wall is glass. I can see Cameron and Stacey through the window of the lab. God knows what they're talking about - Cameron's probably asking some schmoopy questions about me. Five hundred bucks says she's asking about me before the infarction. I can see it in the expression on her face - that infuriating, exasperating yet somehow endearing look of concern she throws my way sometimes. Unfortunately half the time it's when I'm due for another Vicodin so I'm too distracted to think of a good retort. Stacey smirks a bit and says something, and this is where I really wish that lipreading was among my skills. At this, I start my retreat for my office, suddenly in the mood for some jazz.

Everything I've Seen...

John Henry's tortured trumpet soars in my ears, taking my mind off the pain - the pain of seeing Stacey again, the pain of stretching out my bad leg, forcing the bend out of it. I really wish I had shades on my office wall so I could block the view from the hall, but everytime I have them installed, they disappear by the end of the day. I settle for shutting my eyes and playing "If I can't see them, they can't see me." With my physical eyes closed, my mind's eye is free to roam and it goes straight to those days in the hospital. Trying to save my leg, despite the agony and the fact that I knew perfectly well I was most likely choosing death over life as a cripple. Finally breaking down from...well..."pain" doesn't seem to do justice to hitting a full on 10 on the pain scale while hooked up to a morphine drip, but it will do, and asking to be put in a coma. The sick feeling in my stomach when I first realized my leg had fresh bandages and wondering what the hell Stacey had done. Finding out exactly how much I had lost in mobility while still having enough neuralgia to have the surgeon utter the words "pain management." Vomiting the first time I saw my muscular thigh whittled down to half it's former size, a huge scar going across it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sorry for the Delay

Wow...has it been over a week already?

As mentioned in my last post, I'm getting used to my new routine with the commute and working from home two days a week. I've also started TKD up again. Was told last week to "Keep pushing myself" so that's a big ol' hint that they're going to have me test for my black belt in September.

I painted the bathroom on Sunday. I STILL haven't figured out how to cut in properly. I'm getting better though. I'm hoping to paint the kitchen this weekend. (Lemon yellow to set off all my royal blue accents.) Last night I did laundry for the first time and found out that the signs MEANT it when they said to use less detergent than normal in these special washers. The machines didn't suds over or anything, but all my stuff was still sticky when it came out of the washers.

Well, that's been the past week so far. Pretty much my life has been "Work, TKD, Watch the baseball, Sleep." (Or not even all that, as proven Monday night, where I fell asleep watching the game at 8:00 and didn't wake up till 11:30.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Life Goes On

Yesterday was spent unpacking my office, a true joy considering a.) I spent all weekend unpacking my apartment and b.) my new cubicle is approximately the size of my crotch. In the end I managed to fit everything in and it actually looks pretty nice.

Went to TKD for the first time in almost a month, so I'm sore today. It felt really good to exercise though. I'm really feeling like a slug after being inactive for so long. I can't wait to go again today, especially since it's about twenty degrees cooler.

Not much else new. I'm on a neverending conference call (my piece is over but I hate hanging up mid-meeting) and waiting for the maintenance guy to arrive and replace my screen door.

It feels SO GOOD to get back to something resembling a normal life. :-)

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Hello from Quincy

Well, I'm here. My mail isn't being forwarded despite filling out a change of address form and I seem to have a slight bug problem in the kitchen, but otherwise things are going fairly well.

I went to BeachGirl's housewarming party last night, which was pretty fun. I only knew a couple people, so I played wallflower a bit. Luckily a fellow wallflower who also didn't know anyone except BeachGirl arrived, so I hung out with him a lot. BeachGirl was fed many shots and passed out early, which was pretty funny. I was fine, only having seven Coronas the entire night.

Well, tomorrow is work. I have to do a firewall change at 8:00 p.m., which sucks. I'll probably do it from home. I still have to figure out my new commuting-work-TKD schedule.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Packing Packing Packing BOXES BOXES!!

I have the above going through my head to the tune of the "Badgers, Mushrooms and Snakes" song. (http://www.robrob8.com/movies/badgers.htm)

Yes...with having to concurrently pack my office and my apartment, I have finally gone over the deep end.

(n.b. No more Internet access until Friday afternoon. See y'all on the other side, a.k.a. Quincy.)

Sunday, June 05, 2005

LiveBlog of the Tonys

8:00 - Where the hell is Hugh?
8:02 - Bernadette Peters? WHY? She should not be allowed in public until someone sits her down and explains to her that she may no longer be a Broadway baby at 57. When you qualify as a member of AARP, you may cease and desist with the "cute."
8:05 - "I thought you were Deep Throat - wait, that's Harvey Fierstein." Okay, Billy Crystal is allowed to stay. Hee!
8:10 - God is Hugh ridiculously handsome. As always.
8:12 - Best actor in a play. Okay, first Alan Alda is cheated out of an Oscar, now THIS? What does the man have to do to get an award? He's Alan fuckin' Alda!
8:18 - Is anyone else amused by Phantom's "Remember your first time" billboard? Just me then? Okay.
8:20 - Yay! Dancing, singing Hugh.
8:22 - "Shake, shake, shake your booty." I am thanking you.
8:24 - Julia Styles, honey. Yeah, hi. So...um...look. I'm glad that you haven't fallen prey to the pressure of getting implants and are comfortable with your natural svelteness. However, next time please don't pick a dress cut down to your navel to prove the point. Thanks. Lawrence Fishburne, you are, as always, the epitome and definition of coolness.
8:29 - Craig Lucas, that hat may give me reason to believe you are an asshole.
8:30 -WHAT?!?!? Best book went to SPELLING BEE instead of Spamalot? Are you fucking KIDDING me?
8:32 - "Great Big Stuff" CBS bleeped "ass" (Which, give me a break) and "blowjob" (more understandable.) I love that now Broadway is actually too controversial for network television.
8:41 - Best Choreography. Tony number TWO that Spamalot is passed by for. And Jerry Mitchell is a lisp away from being a complete stereotype. Oh, wait. There's the lisp. Nevermind.
8:43 - Best Original Score - Tony FUCKING three that Spamalot doesn't win. Poor Eric Idle. His acceptance speech would also have been a hell of a lot funnier than that of the rambling jackass that DID win.
9:00 - I love Chita Rivera, but she looks so facelifted that it's a miracle her nipples aren't on her forehead.
9:10 - I would gladly smoke four packs a day if it meant I could have Kathleen Turner's voice.
9:14 - FINALLY! Spamalot takes Best Actress in a Musical. "I'd like to thank Claritin...and my doctors." See? More Tony Awards for Spamalot = More Funny in the speeches.
9:16 - Anne Hatheway as the most unfortunate dress of the night.
9:18 - WHAT?!? How the FUCK can Spamalot lose in a category in which they have TWO nominations? I suspect conspiracy.
9:33 - "I have a message for Saddam Hussein: For the love of God, switch to boxers!" I love Nathan Lane.
9:46 - YAY! *Dances around* Best Direction of a Musical goes to Spamalot!
9:54 - "25th Annual Spelling Bee" Al Sharpton as a spelling bee contestant - brilliant. And I forgive them slightly for stealing one of Spamalot's Tonys.
10:01 - *ROTFLMAO* Mets fans at Shea screaming "Yankees suck" when they're playing the Giants. Hysterical. And yes, I realize that I'm about one of ten people in the world flipping between the Tonys and baseball.
10:07 - Am I a sap if I still get weepy at Christopher Reeve having died?
10:15 - Best Actor in a Play. WHAT?!? I was gonna make a crack about the other guys being in the same category as James Earl Jones but he lost. Alda and Jones losing and Spamalot losing most of their nominations...is this the Twilight Zone?
10:19 - Kathleen Turner AND Phylicia Rashad losing? I am definitely in some alternate universe.
10:23 - "Spamalot" performance. Absolutely brilliant. Although seeing Tim Curry singing onstage makes me think he's going to bust out the corset and fishnets at any second. However the song itself was a bit weak. I get the feeling that the dialogue is the most brilliant part.
10:29 - Ethan Hawke has the worst haircut.
10:31 - Sandra Oh looks stunning. Although - honey, yes you do need a bra.
10:35 - Not to insult the Queen, but Aretha sounds hoarse.
10:43 - Harvey Fierstein rocks, but his voice is the most grating one this side of Fran Drescher. And Christina Applegate? Next time take OFF the four-inch fake eyelashes after performing.
10:46 - That's IT. I'm done. Butz beat out Hank Azaria, John Lithgow, Gary Beach and Tim fucking Curry for best actor in a musical? This is BULLSHIT.
11:00 - Best Musical. "Spamalot" wins and order is restored to the world.

Friday, June 03, 2005


I just bought my first T pass in over five years. The price has since gone up a LOT. It's wierd though. Between that and taking down all my pictures off the wall yesterday, it's really hit me that I'm moving.

(Just in time, too, considering I'm getting the keys tomorrow!)

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Being Positive

Thought I'd post something more positive today. How about this absolutely adorable picture of Poopsalot with my sister's dog Sadie, who has become uberprotective of her.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Ending on a Low Note

  1. Went to a new hairstylist today and found out that I've somehow become one of those long-haired women who freak out if too much is cut off. It's now shoulder-length and looks so...ordinary. I'd rather have it either halfway down my back or super-short.
  2. Had my annual "compensation evaluation." Despite taking over for someone a pay grade higher than me AND taking on a third role in addition to performing my original duties, I did not get a raise. For the third year in a row. At least it's a kick in the ass to dust off the resume and start looking again. I feel like I'm going NOWHERE in this company.

I Own Too Much Crap

Seriously. Considering how small my current apartment is, I have no idea how the hell I fit so much into it. My coworker SweetBlonde dropped off a bunch of boxes on Sunday, seeing my apartment for the first time. Very embarrassing as said apartment is currently a mess with boxes everywhere. I will have to invite her to my housewarming so that she can see that I am not completely inept. (That and the fact that she always invites me to her Most Awesome Parties.)

I finally got to meet Poopsalot on Saturday, which was awesome. She is the Best Baby Ever. CrazySis's uterus still hasn't shrank back down so she was doing gross tricks with her still-distended belly. Me, BabySis and DadTook spent the entire weekend fighting over whose turn it was to hold Poopsalot.

I came back Sunday night, planning on sleeping in till an obscene hour on Monday since I had worked the past three weekends in a row and had to get up early on both Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, MomTook decided to call at 10:00. (Since I've been up at that hour all the past month, she assumed I'd be up early again that day.) It was still good to chat with her though.

Work is...wierd right now. I don't want to say much, but changes are afoot.