Tuesday, May 10, 2005

LiveBlog of "Love Hurts"

4:00 - Walking home, one of the outdoor cafes is playing "Teardrop" over their sound system.

8:59 - Already in a bad mood from seeing the previews with The Date

9:00 - ANOTHER sex warning? Are you KIDDING me? Seriously, if I don't see some tits or dick soon I'm going to go down there and beat the Fox censors.

9:03 - "...sitting in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G" HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

9:06 - "Don't want everyone clamoring for the same perks." That just brings some mental images I DIDN'T need.

9:07 - "Like watching an accident about to happen." Amen to that, Foreman.

9:13 - House doing a gyne exam. Priceless. Hugh's double-take at the site greeting him (70 year old cootchie) is great.

9:15 - "O Great Pool Hall Oracle" - Dying here. And it's nice to know I'm not the only one that still has an 8 Ball on their desk.

9:18 - Dominatrix? Ooooooooooooooooh-kay then. For once Fox may actually be warranted in having a warning up front.

9:21 - "You're on the naughty list. No leather stethoscope this Christmas." ENOUGH WITH THE MENTAL IMAGES.

9:25 - YAY! It's Cranky Middle Eastern Pharmacist again! This has been a nice piece of continuity throughout the season.

9:27 - Cuddy talking about his last relationship? Giving clothes advice? Who the hell IS this new character? And when did I change the channel to "General Hospital."

9:30 - Dominating Chase. I nearly had a heart attack. I think he really DOES need a leather stethoscope after all.

9:39 - The parents won't sign the release for surgery because they're embarrassed of him? That's LOW.

9:40 - He's not shaving for a date? Odd, even for House.

9:45 - House SO has Cameron's number. He pegged her spot on.

9:50 - Chase is getting scary obssessive with the Tic Tacs.

9:52 - Hugh's delivery of "Oh welcome to hell" is PRICELESS.

9:54 - Of all the nasty CGI effects that "House" has done, the simple hypo full of extracted pus is by far and beyond the most nauseating and disgusting ever.

9:56 - Oh do NOT tell me the moral of the episode is coming from the fucking DOMINATRIX.

9:59- "I'm asking you a favor." "I'm not sure I want him to live." Next week's episode promises to kick SO much more ass than this week's drivel.

10:01 - I hereby decree this the Worst Episode of the Season.

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