Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Live Blog of "Kids"

9:01 - I guess when you're the guest star, you don't have to wear a swim cap at a diving competition

9:08 - Sweaty running Cameron? Hot. And...EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! House asked her back.

9:15 - I'm actually feeling meh about the episode so far. Forcing Chase to do grunt work is a nice touch though. Wonder if House will have him doing rectal exams next. *G*

9:26 - "What are you doing?" "Trying not to think about the produce section at Whole Foods." DYING HERE.

9:28 - Busting on a tattoo is kinda harsh nowadays, but still - wearing a shortsleeve shirt to an interview when you have a wrist tat is all kinds of dumb.

9:33 - TWO warnings about sexual situations? There better be a porno in this act.

9:36 - Jewish foreplay? This girl is SO hired.

9:40 - Hmmm...no injury being admitted to...abuse by the coach?

9:56 - A DATE?!? A DATE? And...shut up, twinkly music. You're not convincing me either.

9:59 - Next weeks preview comes on

9:59:30 - *Television goes flying out the window*

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