Thursday, May 12, 2005

Ignorance is Bliss

I came across an apartment building review site while searching for my building's managment number. My current building has good reviews (aside from complaints about it being expensive for the size of the apartments, which - word.)

Unfortunately I foolishly looked up the place I'm moving to, all the while thinking to myself, "Self, you do NOT want to look. You. Do. NOT. Want. To. Look." But like Gollum to the One Ring, I was pulled.

And I was right. There are multiple complaints about poor management response and drunk maintenance guys. The rosy reviews are a bit too perfect and other entries accuse the management of writing them.

I keep telling myself:

1.) In general, only people who are disgruntled go searching out places to write reviews.
2.) Right now it's noise level that concerns me, not management and/or maintenance. (Although the mainenance guys at my current place ROCK, so I may be taking them for granted.)


Curiosity kills the cat and stresses out the Hobbit.

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