Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

I know I haven't written all week, but things have been crazy:

1.) CrazySis is now three days overdue with her baby, forcing me to STILL be ready to flee up north as soon as I get the call.

2.) Moving, moving, moving. Packing. Fighting off suicidal tendencies while dealing with every single utility company. Twice. (Since I'm moving to a different town and none of my current companies have service there. )

3.) STAR WARS! As I mentioned before, StarWarsGeek got us tickets to the midnight viewing tonight. I will be crying in my (tub-sized) coffee at work tomorrow morning. I'm far too old to be MEETING someone at 10:45 at night on a weeknight.

4.) VeggieSis's graduation is on Saturday. I have a card but still have not bought the gift. And MommaTook and Geritol may or may not be sleeping over Friday night depending on whether CrazySis has had the baby or not.

And of course, work has been insane as always.

So...Who used the old Chinese curse on me?

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